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 Exploring growth through healing.

our mission

“We believe humans have what they need to survive and thrive within their internal framework.  To grow in this knowing is to explore and discover.  At Peachtree Creative, we aim to provide a unique and holistic approach in efforts to foster growth, independence and emotional regulation to feel confident from their own perspective.  Our expressive modalities enhance the structuring of a healthy mind-body connection and encourage a growth mindset.”


Individual Therapy Services

Utilizing creative approaches through Art and Play

We offer opportunities for the child, teen, young adult or older to find freedom in their own form of expression whether it is through art, play or verbal communication. Therapy by their design!

Rate Transparency 

Intake Session: $185
Session Rate: $150-170
Rates ares based on educations, credentials
and years of experience.

*Super bills offered by request for potential 
insurance reimbursement. 


Get in Contact

1708 Peachtree St NW

Suite 204

Atlanta, GA 30309

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