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Painting with Watercolor

Intake Session: $185
Ongoing session rates vary by Clinician.
Rates ares based on education, credentials
and years of experience.

What types of therapy do you provide?

We are specifically known for providing art and play therapy however all therapists provide a talk therapy approaches as well.  

We are currently not offering group therapy at this time.

Do you only see kids?

No! All therapists see teens, college students and adults.  We truly enjoy working with all ages and a wide range of struggles, symptoms, and life challenges .

Do you work with separated or divorced parents?

Yes! We do require both parents consent for therapy and joint participation in parent sessions, especially if parents share custody.  We also require a parenting agreement or active participation with a co-parenting counselor. We are a great option for your child once the custody agreement is finalized and parents can participate in parent meetings together. We do not offer separate phone calls or parent sessions if separated/divorced. 

What is an Intake session and is it required?

The intake process is a session to gather as much information possible about the client's life, emotions, experiences and perspective up until this point.   This session is required for all clients and ages but can be in-person or virtual. Children under 15 generally do not participate as the intake session is the parent's opportunity to connect and get to know the therapist. This step is extremely important for the therapist to step into the client's world as well as formally introduce the therapeutic space and their approach.

Can I use my insurance?

We are self-pay only and do not submit any information or speak with any insurance companies.  We can offer a super-bill with a diagnosis for you to submit to your insurance for potential reimbursement. 

How do I get started? Can I take a tour?

You can submit a message to us above, call us to leave a voicemail or email us directly at

For confidentiality purposes, we are unable to provide tours. There are exceptions so please give us a call if this feels necessary to your process!

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